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Will my insurance cover fertility treatment?2023-02-14T16:11:04+00:00

We file insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients. However, please prepared for any co-payment, coinsurance, or deductible amounts at the time of service.

Please understand that your insurance is a contractual agreement between you and the insurance company. Therefore, it is your responsibility to understand your coverage and exceptions to your policy. Due to this relationship, you are ultimately responsible for your bill.

Do you perform IVF at your clinic?2023-02-14T16:10:56+00:00


What pharmacy do you use?2023-02-14T16:10:02+00:00

We send all IVF medications to the Fertility Pharmacy of America.

What is INVOcell and how does it work?2023-02-14T16:10:49+00:00

Similar to IVF, a woman is given egg stimulation medication and undergoes egg retrieval.  The eggs are then placed with sperm in the INVOcell device to be incubated in her body instead of a lab.  After a few days, embryos are transferred into the uterus. This is an innovative fertility option that requires less medication, appointments, and no laboratory incubation.

Do you do genetic testing on embryos?2023-02-14T16:10:42+00:00

PGD: PRE-IMPLANTATION GENETIC DIAGNOSIS is an optional procedure that may be performed during an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle, and makes use of genetic testing to screen embryos for genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. Only embryos found to be free of the tested condition are selected to be transferred into the woman’s uterus.

PGD can increase the chance that pregnancy occurs, dramatically reduce the risk of early miscarriage, and lower the odds of birth defects.

Do I need a referral for fertility treatment?2023-02-14T16:10:32+00:00

Patients do not need a referral.

Do you have donor eggs available?2023-02-14T16:10:26+00:00

Yes. In our laboratory, once donor eggs have been selected, they are mixed with the recipient partner’s sperm and hopefully fertilize. Three to six days following egg retrieval, the developing embryos will be transferred to the recipient’s uterus, which has been previously prepared through medications to receive the embryos.

Do you perform embryo donation?2023-02-14T16:10:20+00:00

Yes. You can read more about our embryo, or egg, donation program here.

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